2020 Shows and Events

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July 18th, 2020 (10am-5pm PST) 

Open House Style in the comfort of your home.  

Dream Fair LA: Physical to Metaphysical, an ONLINE Holistic Fair with the BEST of Los Angeles 

Tickets are only $10 for FULL ACCESS purchase with link below...


“Have it all!" It's one thing to talk about how the mind, body and spirit are all interrelated, and quite another to live into the idea with conscious purpose.

Avoid the holistic and alternative health confusion that keeps you guessing what you need next and find your inner-guidance. This event is geared for the spiritualist, the sustainable solutions geek, and the health nut who are seeking a True Holistic Lifestyle.

Give yourself a tune-up to your personal healing when you attend.

The Elevate Institute and SpiritPlays present the second Dream Fair LA. We’ve welcomed back our favorite healers, meta-physicians, and natural products in one place to help you live that holistic life that really reflects the mind/body/spirit connection.

Just curious? Come and receive a Dream Interpretation, a Psychic Reading or take one of the Meditation Classes. We’ve hand-selected local Los Angeles thought leaders to give a SPEAKER SERIES to further your holistic education.

Vendor List:

  • Eva Vennari, Certified Nutritional Practitioner; The Elevate Institute – Offering Face Readings Consultations to read signs of chronic fatigue and infertility hiding in plain sight.
  • Katie Kay, Spiritual Coach; SpiritPlays – Offering Dream Interpretation and Tarot Readings, what’s in your subconscious could block your success.
  • Jason Levitt, Dream Coach - Moon Temple Dreaming; Offering Organic Tea and Nutrient Powders for natural energy.
  • Carolyn Osborn, Energy Intuitive; Chiron Energy Medicine - Offering Medical Intuitive Readings and Accunect Consultations for You and your Pet to identify trapped stressors, traumas and energy blockages that can cause illness.
  • Angie Sutthoff, Stylist; Sweet Virtues ® - are SIMPLE * SEXY * SMART versatile fashions that stand for individual and collective aesthetic expression while symbolizing that we as imperfect human beings can aspire to virtues that remind us of what is great about being alive, compassionate, and connected in our everyday lives.
  • Sue MacKenzie, Arbonne Consultant - Offering safe, quality skincare and nutritional support to help you find freedom from pain and other chronic or future health issues.
  • Jeanette Chasworth, Designer; The Color Whisperer - Offering you an experienced and intuitive interior design that takes your energy in mind when creating a harmonious and healing home environment.

and much more...

Join us for spirited and engaging conversations during our Panels


All meditations... you choose one or all!

Bring a friend. Entry is only $10. Register ahead and join us on the day.


CURRENTLY POSTPONED International Women's Day Re-scheduled (TBD) Lowes Santa Monica Beach Hotel (5pm-8pm)

In celebration of International Women’s Day, comment and share with us who the inspirational women in your life are! Ours are Dr. Shelley Luce and Supervisor Sheila James Kuehl who will be honored and speak at our OWL Celebration on Thursday March 12, 2020. For more info go to our bio.

Heal the Bay Supervisor Sheila Kuehl Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce Water Garden, Santa Monica
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